Learning to be away from family is the toughest transition for a young child. Going to preschool will be the first time they will be away from their parents for so long. While it is exciting for a few parents, it is also a nerve wrecking situation for many. To make this change easier, we have a specially designed settling zone where we organize interesting activities to keep the atmosphere upbeat for little children. We aim to create an environment that helps in building relationships between the children and teachers to ensure positive outcomes in all areas of learning and growth. It is crucial for them to feel safe, stimulated and happy just like they do at home. This zone also builds the trust of the parents in the preschool and how they be be partners with us for the perfect upbringing of their little one.
kindergarten play school
The toddlers are welcomed and involved from the very beginning:
  •  Besides other facilities certain special facilities offered in the settling zone are: Play Zone, Sand Pit, Tattoo Corner, Creativity Corner (vegetable printing, thumb printing, etc), Clay Moulding and Cartoon Movie Shows.
  •  A teacher is allocated to each child and his/her family before he/she starts to attend the school. The teacher ensures that every child’s care is tailored to meet their individual needs so that they can settle into the preschool atmosphere with ease.
  •  The parents are welcome to visit the school along with their child till he/she becomes comfortable in the presence of other caregiving adults.
  •  The teachers share information on a regular with the parents about their child’s developmental records and how well he/she is doing in school.